Business processes outsourcing

Outsourcing Procesów Biznesowych

Accounting services

We offer a comprehensive accounting service of large and small companies, helping them to meet the ongoing accounting and tax requirements.

We have a team of experienced accountants using cutting-edge tools, supported by qualified financial and business auditors. We serve entities with several to several thousands documents a month.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality accounting service and enrich your company with the auditing environment thanks to the ERP-class tools provided by us. Thanks to that, our Customers can focus on the development and achievement of business goals, leaving the accounting services to experienced accounting teams.

Our services comprise e.g.:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services (full accounting system, revenue and expense ledger).
  • Calculation of tax liabilities and VAT return preparation (including the standard audit file for tax, JPK in Polish), CIT and other
  • Handling of incoming and outgoing transfers
  • Preparation or support of the preparation of the mandatory financial statements and executive reports
  • Representation of the customer during tax audits, handling of financial audits
  • Ongoing preview of financial data by the Customer's Desktop
  • Support related to the process of handling sales and check of receivables' collection rates
  • Preparation of executive reports depending on the need and customer's requirements (profitability analysis, KPI)
  • We use Enova365 systems which guarantees access to cutting-edge and continuously updated tools.

Selecting our accounting services, You get:

  • Assistance when transferring the accounting department from the customer's internal structures to the external ones
  • Cost reduction and improved flexibility, with access to the team of professionals having long-term experience
  • Access to professional, always up-to-date ERP applications
  • Support from the financial auditors' team
  • Ability to implement the electronic flow and approval of documents

HR and payroll services:

Irrespective of your enterprise size, the process of employment and subsequent administration can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why it is most frequently outsourced from third parties. This brings measurable benefits in the form of reduced overhead costs related to the need to retain jobs, training and IT infrastructure.

Our Customers are offered comprehensive HR and payroll services, starting from the support for the recruitment processes, agreement preparation, through ongoing HR services, payroll calculation, to the indispensable service after the term of employment.

We have a good and experienced team, whose objective is to provide maximum Customer's support with the minimum involvement on their part. We serve entities with several dozen to several thousands employees.

Our customers are offered e.g.:

  • Complete HR administration:
    • agreement preparation
    • file keeping
    • check for expiring deadlines
    • keeping leave record
    • registering and deregistering in/from the Social Security Institution
    • issuing employment certificates
  • Comprehensive handling of payroll calculation and disbursement:
    • calculating pays based on various models
    • payroll preparation
    • pay transfer preparation
    • calculation of public levies: Social Security (ZUS), PIT, National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON)
    • preparation of certificates of employment and of pay
  • Handling of fringe benefits (sports clubs' memberships, Employee Benefit Fund, Company Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund and other benefits)
  • Handling of audits by the Social Security Institution, Tax Authority, National Labour Inspectorate and other
  • Remote access of the Customer's workers to applications enabling to file applications, print of certificates
  • We use Enova365 and BDF systems which guarantees access to cutting-edge and continuously updated tools.

Selecting our HR and payroll services, You get:

  • Cost reduction and improved flexibility, with access to the team of professionals having long-term experience
  • Possible acquisition of an internal HR and payroll department and its inclusion in our structures
  • Access to professional, always up-to-date HR and payroll applications
  • Provision of the employee self-service function via a website


We specialise in recruiting personnel for manual work, machine operation and manufacturing processes. We ensure also hunting for qualified and trained personnel for specialist and managerial positions.

We have an experienced team of recruiters operating online and also in local services in the largest Polish cities, including Warsaw, Katowice, Bydgoszcz and Poznań. A good knowledge of the market and a continuous adaptation to the changes, combined with the flexibility and long-term experience, will make us present the best candidates for the jobs in question.

We also possess extensive expertise and experience in the field of recruitment and organisation of any formal aspects of foreigner employment.

Within our comprehensive services, we are able to provide also HR and payroll services to our customers.

Using our HR services, You get:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Employees best suited to your needs
  • An experienced team of recruiters ensuring the highest standards of service

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