Since 2002, EVER has carried out comprehensive mass catering services. At present, we release 10,000 meals a day, running canteens and buffets in plants and restaurants in office buildings. The scope of services and the prices of meals are calculated individually for every Customer, taking into consideration the conditions and opportunities to provide the highest-quality services. For mass catering services, we employ qualified catering personnel and managers experienced in running large facilities.

The highest quality of services and safety of their production are guaranteed by the implemented HACCP system, confirmed by the certificate held by us. We buy solely from proven and verified suppliers. All meal production stages are controlled for hygiene, safety and quality. Our kitchen staff attends periodic training. All facilities are approved and checked on a regular basis by Sanitary Epidemiological Service (SANEPID) and external auditors from DEKRA.

We know that a precondition of a rational nutrition is a correctly developed menu which is why in every plant we plan an individual menu, considering:

  • local preferences
  • type of work carried out
  • physical activity level
  • food products' seasonality
  • technical abilities of the facility
  • financial capabilities

Choosing EVER to be your canteen operator, You get:

  • Professional approach to nutrition organisation in a workplace
  • Diversified menu, considering new nutritional trends
  • Balanced, healthy food offer
  • Cutting-edge meal production technology without using any preservatives
  • The highest level of hygiene and safety of nutrition
  • Trained and competent staff
  • Cutting-edge settlement techniques, including system cashless solutions
  • Periodical monitoring of the satisfaction level of the meal consumers
  • Insurance guarantees