About us

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a responsible manner of the company functioning in the social and economic space. In EVER, we are well aware that we operate in a specific environment and that retaining good relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the local community is very important. This is why we offer as much support to those who need it as we can.

Support for the local community

For many years, our company has been involved in activities supporting local initiatives which would often not be able to function without additional funds. Offering aid to educational institutions, we organised the meeting with 3rd class of Primary School no. 79 in Warsaw in our office. It was aimed at telling them more about our company operations but also at donating tablets to develop the children's competence.

EVER has been supporting the table tennis division of KS Spójnia for some time. The Sports Club, which has won the title of the Team Master of Poland 18 times, was founded in 1949. It comprises the following divisions: sailing, tennis, table tennis, sport bridge, canoeing, snowboarding, powerboating and golf. The Warsaw table tennis division supported by us has been successful. It has reached the Super league which we are very proud of.

Our employees participate in charity runs (EKIDEN, BIEG FIRMOWY) thanks to which we can support foundations collecting funds for those in gravest need.


We are well aware how important it is to keep the balance between the professional and the family life. We know the sustainable development and pursuit of one's own passions contributes to improved productivity and job satisfaction. Our employees can enjoy our support when pursuing their interests. We motivate, help and cheer as we know how important it is.

- We support the teams taking part in runs (EKIDEN, Bieg Firmowy) and other sports competitions
- Employees have a chance to use the services of the Rehabilitation Unit situated in our office

Environmental Protection

In our operations, we pay much attention to environmental protection. We use chemicals by renowned manufacturers whom we know to implement measures aimed at reducing the hazardous impact of their products on the environment. Machines we use for cleaning have technical solutions minimising water, chemicals and power consumption.