Cleaning services in offices and office buildings

A clean desk, clear glazing, well-tended vegetation, hygienic toilet or a pleasant smell in the office all affect the comfort of work and productivity of employees. Keeping your office neat and tidy, we not only take care of productivity, but also of the company prestige and image. Performing services in offices we always try to ensure not only comfort of your employees, but also the good image of your company. The comfort of work is also a discreet approach to the service provided. We always try to adapt our work schedule to ensure our employees are not visible to you. A customised approach entails also the choice of equipment and agents used for cleaning. Every office component means a different surface and material it was made from. They require special treatment and specialist cleaning agents. Our workers' experience enables not only to choose an appropriate agent, but also to use it efficiently. Thanks to many years of its market presence, EVER has been able to find suppliers of the state-of-the art cleaning preparations and technologies. 

Services provided in offices:

  • common areas cleaning
  • day service (cleaning kitchenettes, toilets or conference rooms)
  • year-round cleaning of outdoor areas / snow removal
  • escalator cleaning
  • climbing services
  • floor renovation
  • reception-desk services