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Cleaning services in shopping malls

Large shopping malls require particular care, related to the specific nature of those facilities which are visited by thousands of people whom the food court zones serve millions of meals to, with dozens of suppliers trying to deliver their goods every day. All that makes it extremely difficult and time-consuming to keep the shopping mall neat and tidy. Our extensive experience, cutting-edge technology and trained personnel of EVER will help the owners retain a high-standard cleanliness. A neat and tidy shopping mall will attract not only customers, but also a greater number of tenants. Our workers will not only take care of toilets, food court zones, common areas or outdoor areas, but also will do it discreetly, without disturbing the everyday operations of the mall, ensuring the comfort of customers and tenants.

Services provided in shopping malls:

  • cleaning common areas
  • daily service
  • security
  • year-round cleaning of outdoor areas / snow removal
  • escalator cleaning
  • mountaineering services
  • floor renovation
  • running reception desks